The picture above is just a generic Chair. It is not linked to any model.

If the Length of your sling measures more than 51″ please order it as a Chair High Back Sling

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Enter all the requested information above.

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Weight 2.10 lbs

Very Important

Custom order slings are non-returnable and non-refundable. Once they are made to your measurement they cannot be reused.
Please make sure you measure your slings twice before placing your order. Carefully follow our instructions on measuring slings below to ensure your order is correct.

How to Measure

How to Install

Expedite Manufacturing

Add EXPEDITE manufacturing on your Order to get your Slings shipped from our warehouse within three days.

* Regular manufacturing of Slings can take up 4/5 weeks.
* If the Slings you have selected is not available, we’ll contact you ASAP.
* If additional information is required, we’ll contact you.
* If your frames has welded bars on the back or at the bottom, we’ll need pictures, and this may delay the manufacturing of your slings.


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